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Learn how to use content management systems (CMS) to create business websites and embedded blogs that are powerful, content rich, and the center of your new mdia strategy. Your website will be the connector for your brand, social media, new media, and mobile marketing platforms and campaigns.

Web Design versus Web Development

What is the difference between web design and web application development? Because there is a lot of overlap, particularly on the front end of websites, I’ll cover platforms, programming languages, how WordPress fits in, and my personal preferences and recommendations on what to use where.

How to Build the Right Mobile Website for Your Business

Mobile devices present a unique opportunity for small and medium sized business owners.  Smart phones in particular have small screens with only 2.5-4.5 inches of diagonal space to display websites.  And while this limited space mobile real estate seems like a serious limitation, smart phone queries are more narrow and specific in scope than traditional […]

Reduce Your Website Load Speed-Improve PR

Website speed is not a luxury; it is a necessity.  Page load speed affects Google’s SEO ranking, improves visitor satisfaction, and reduces bounce rate.  But doing this without breaking your site is challenging.  Having seen some mediocre advice floating around on website speed optimization, I am going to share a full action plan on how […]

How to Create a Professional Small Business Website

If you a small or medium sized business who needs a cost effective, professional website customized for your small business; e-commerce, restaurant, business services, photography/video/art, real or other niche small business that you can create and manage yourself, then this article is for you. Is WordPress the Right Choice to Power your Site?  Making the […]

Business Website Strategy Design Guide

Do you need a professional website that is an organic traffic magnet?  There are three primary ingredients for receiving targeted, consistent, and organic traffic from Google, Twitter, and other search engines and social media sites: High Quality Content. A Professional Website that is SEO and User Friendly. Personal Engagement with Your Audience-Tweeting and responding to […]